Sexual Health for Youth

Video of the Sexual Health Fair – 2012

The Sexual Health for Youth program was initiated in response to requests from high school students participating in our Respectful Relationships (R+R) program. Youth indicated that the R+R program was important to them and that they also needed more in-depth time to discuss sexuality, safety and respect. Based on this feedback we pilot-tested a half-day of separate gender workshops on sexual health with grade 11 students and a sexual health fair for all high school students at our local high school in 2011. The pilot project showed us that youth need to have a place for open, honest, and safe dialogue about the realities of sex, intimacy, and healthy relationships.

Evaluation results from 2011, confirmed a need to expand on the project to include mixed gender workshops, community conversations about sexual health with parents and youth, and an expanded sexual health fair.  Each year we revised the project based on feedback from youth.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to acquire funding to continue the Fair.

The Respect, Safety and Sexual Health for Youth project included:

* Sexual Health Fair (for the entire student body) at Gulf Island Secondary School (GISS) over the noon hour with information booths from community organisations.

* Sexual Health Information Sessions conducted by doctors and community nurses for all grade 11 students.

* Respect and Sexual health workshops conducted by R+R facilitators for all grade 11 students.

2012 Evaluation Report

2011 Evaluation Report