Pass it On Boys:  Engaging Boys and Men Project

davidnorget bcacc photo

The health and wellness and needs of boys and young men in our community is important to us. The project addresses these through a series of roundtable discussions and input from boys and young men in the community to determine their needs for supporting them as they navigate their way into adulthood. We glean their ideas on ways to provide positive opportunities for them in the community and ways for them to take on leadership and mentorship roles. We enlist the guidance of boys and young men to develop an action plan to address their needs. The project might include mental health support to address depression and self-esteem. We work in partnership with appropriate community services to make boys and young men aware of what is available to them to support their health and wellness. A Boys Council (trans and non-binary inclusive) comprised of boys, young men and adult men, guides the activities of the project.