What's New at SWOVA

2017 Changemakers Announced!

It is our pleasure and honour to announce these exceptional Salt Spring women as important contributors to our Island community through their volunteerism: Barb Aust Michelle Bennett-Peters Lottie Devindisch Susan Grace Marguerite Lee Margaret MacKenzie Anne Marshall Melanie Morris Victoria Olchowecki Kisae Petersen Lise Poitras Wendy Vine Tiffany Wightman   LIFETIME CHANGEMAKER AWARD:  Maggie Ramsey… Read more »

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International Women’s Day Event!

March 8 is International Women’s Day (IWD) and SWOVA’s opportunity to celebrate! Together we will honour exceptional women who volunteer their time and talent, energy and enthusiasm in our community. This year SWOVA is partnering with Volunteer and Community Resources (VCR) to help us identify women volunteers of all ages, cis and trans, who make –… Read more »

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Let’s Talk about *Consent*

By Sharyn Carroll Rape;  \rap\~ [noun] The word rape originally comes the Latin “rapere” – meaning to abduct, grab or snatch. Somewhere along our linguistic evolution, its meaning morphed to include intimidating, threatening or forcing someone to have sexual intercourse. Sexual assault replaced the term “rape” in 1983, under the Criminal Code of Canada.  In… Read more »

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