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Pass It On Mentors

Pass It On Mentors

In the Pass It On: Health and Safety for Girls and Young Women project, high school young women provide structured group and individual mentorship for grade 8 girls, throughout the school year. Participants are selected in conjunction with the counselor at the middle school.  The mentorship builds relationships that will support the girls at this critical age as they prepare to enter high school.

The current Pass It On project is based on previous years and utilizes the tools and models created in order to increase the capacity of rural young women for leadership, self-care, staying safe and accessing community supports.

Adult women from our community are asked to attend bi-weekly meetings as presenters and to share activities and expertise.  This structured group mentorship component of the project creates a venue for adult women from our community to ‘pass on’ their wisdom, skills, and inspirations to the girls and young women and to serve as role models.


 The objectives of the project are:

* To provide mentorship for grade 8 girls by high school young women;
* To provide structured group mentorship;
* To provide leadership opportunities for young women;
* To create a venue for adult women in our community to ‘pass on’ their skills and expertise to the next generation;
* To provide workshops on health and safety;
* To educate girls and young women about their rights, how to stay safe, and how to access community supports.
















2016/17 Evaluation Report

2015/16 Evaluation Report

2012/13 Evaluation Report

2011/12 Evaluation Report

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Pass It On: Health and Safety for Boys and Young Men
In 2009, we ran the mentorship program for Boys in the Southern Gulf Islands (SD#64).  It was a success and the boys and young men wanted the program to continue. Unfortunately, we did not receive funding to carry it on.

NEW!  As of May, 2016, we started a new program, Pass It On: Engaging Boys and Young Men. With thanks to Civil Forfeiture and Salt Spring Foundation grants we are engaging in the creation of a Boy’s Council to advise in engaging boys and young men about what their needs as community members are. The Council will be comprised of those identifying as boys, young men and adult men in the community – 20 in total – and will lead to an action plan and deliverables in addressing some of these needs. If interested in participating please contact davidnorget(at)

 Thanks to the supporters for the Pass It On Program:
BC Gaming, Coast Capital Savings, Lobstick Foundation and United Way of Greater Victoria