Research & Evaluation

SWOVA is founded on a commitment to research and evaluation as essential tools in the development and continuing improvement of our violence prevention programs and initiatives.

Evaluation research has been integral to the development of the R+R program since it’s beginning. It has a firm foundation in lessons learned from the research done in this field around the world. Starting with the earliest pilot test of our preliminary model in 1997-8, the process of implementation and the effects of the program on students and their schools have been evaluated every year.

On-going evaluation of the R+R program has provided:

* Over a decade of systematic research and development;
* Professional program assessment, analysis, insight and feedback;
* Detailed information on “what works” with students aged 12-18;
* Guidelines for a curriculum that engages, challenges and changes students;
* Perspectives on how to reach both boys and girls on the issues;
* An avenue for the insights of teachers and educators to help shape the program;
* Outcome measures that show we are making a difference;
* A high standard of excellence for all of our work.


Evaluation Reports:

Pass It On: Girls Evaluation Report 2016/17

Peace Kids Evaluation Report 2016/17

Pass It On Evaluation Report 2015/16

Peace Kids Evaluation Report 2015/16

R+R Evaluation Report 2014/15

R+R Evaluation Report 2013/14

Salish Sea Girl’s Leadership Evaluation Report 2013/14

Peace Kids Evaluation Report 2013/14

R+R Evaluation Report 2012/13

Pass It On Evaluation Report 2012/13

R+R Evaluation Report, 2011-2012

Sexual Health Fair Evaluation Report, 2012

Aboriginal R+R Report 2011

Pass It On Evaluation Report, 2011-2012

R+R Evaluation Report, 2010-2011

Pass It on Evaluation Report, 2010-2011

Sexual Health Fair Evaluation Report 2011

Pass It On Evaluation Report, 2008-2009

Pass It On Mentoring Evaluation Report, August 2009

 Pass It On Mentor Training Retreat Feedback, April 2009