What Others Say

“Salt Spring Islanders enjoy living in a community where youth crime is minimal.  When members are first posted to Saltspring Detachment they are pleasantly surprised when they deal with local youth.  The youth have positive interactions with police and the community at large.  the reason for this is hard to quantify.  personally, I believe the Respectful Relationships program is a key component to how youth learn to interact with other people.  Putting energy into building better human beings is more useful than spending funds to correct abhorrent behaviour.”

Sgt. D.F. (Danny) Willis
Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge
Salt Spring Island RCMP


“These programs (Pass it On, R+R and PeaceKids) are in important part of violence prevention and social and emotional learning for youth in our district.  We value this community-school partnership and appreciate the tremendous contribution that it makes to the health and well-being of our youth, as well as the opportunity that these programs provide for youth to learn skills to become leaders among their peers and to younger students in promoting healthy and respectful relationships.”

Lisa Halstead
Superintendent of Schools – January 2015


The R+R program with it’s focus on communication, refletion and openness, has been instrumental in beringing issues significant to students iat this point in their development to the forefront.  Students are encouraged to share their thoughts, anxieties and questions in a safe environment.  One of the most important aspects of the program is the coaching that they receive in learning skills around honest and open dialogue.  The students are encouraged to communicate with each other, and so are able to offer support and understanding.”

Keiko Taylor, Principal
Salt Spring Middle School


“When visitors ask us ‘what makes your school so peaceful by nature?’ the youth often tell us that the R+R program has made a big difference in their ability to live and work respectfully with one another in our island and in our school.”

Kelda Logan
Vice Principal, Gulf Islands Secondary School


“I have had the pleasure of working as teacher-sponsor for the SWOVA R+R program at Gulf Islands Secondary School for several years…Students reported that they felt that the program was helpful in raising their level of awareness about violence in relationships and about the unhealthy nature of some teenage behaviours and expressions that have been normalized in our culture. Many said that they would focus on being more respectful in their interactions as a result of this experience. This raise awareness and the expressed desire to take positive action at a personal level are enough to convince me that this is a program well worth supporting in our schools.”

Elly Mckeague
SD #64 Educator




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