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Online R+R Facilitator Training (click title to follow link)

SWOVA provides facilitation training to deliver the Respectful Relationships (R+R) program and the skills learned can also be used in many areas of life and work.  Participants can cover the material at his or her own pace (within a 6-week period of time), have individual coaching support and group calls, and practice facilitation skills within their own community. All from the comfort of one’s home computer.


Freedom From Fear – The How-To Guide on Violence Prevention Inspired by Teens for Teens

Freedom From Fear

A hands-on guide for youth and adults for creating a schools/community violence prevention partnership. Co-created for SWOVA by a team of youth and adults. The book outlines the steps for teens and adults to work together to develop and facilitate workshops on violence prevention for students of all ages. Attractive and highly readable, it is simply bursting with tips for youth involvement and leadership. Includes instructions, philosophy, stories and sample workshops.

68 pages, 8-1/2 x 11″

Price: $19.00, includes shipping and handling to Canada & the USA ONLY.
International Price: $30.00 including shipping and handling. Please contact SWOVA for other shipping costs.

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Women and Violence: Education is Prevention (Video-VHS)

This is a 20 minute video in which project staff, teens, teachers and other community members talk about the genesis of our violence prevention “Education is Prevention” work which has lead to the award winning Respectful Relationships Program   The video describes what it is, what it does, the reasons it has worked so well, and the reasons there are supporters and participants. It’s not a ‘how-to’ film, rather it’s a ‘why-to’ film.

The conviction and enthusiasm of the interviewees is inspirational, especially the words of the teens themselves. No matter what kind of community you come from, but especially if it’s a rural community, you will see that you too can make a difference by launching this kind of project where you live.

Price: $25.00 includes shipping and handling to CANADA & USA ONLY
International: $35.00 including shipping and handling. Please contact SWOVA for other shipping costs.

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Hatch Your Idea

Here at SWOVA we are dedicated to skill-building, leadership, community development and collaborating to create social change. Do YOU have an idea for change? If you then check out This website features a short, fun silent film created by film director and actor Keith Picot, and includes a digital workbook to assist people plan and implement their ideas.

Global Resources:

Drug addiction & domestic abuse (U.S.-based resource)

If you are accessing our website from the United States, learn more about drug addiction and its relation to domestic abuse with this resource:

Breaking barriers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

All of the links below include either: courses, bootcamps, tips or articles which are all meant to spread awareness as to why we should encourage young girls to pursue STEM related education/occupations and why there should be more women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Some of the bootcamps/courses below may require travel or access to a computer.

Join Over 40,000 Girls Who Code With Coding Bootcamps In 42 States and Saskatchewan

17 Places Where Women Can Learn How To Code

A Visual Guide To Diversity In Tech

6 Secrets To Success For Women In Tech

Early Education Inspiring Girls To Be Active In STEM From MakerGirls

10 Tips For Women Who Are Pursuing A Career in IoT (Internet Of Things)

Code/Development Job Boards By WWCode, a global non-profit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers

Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter (Harvard Business Review)

List Of Coding Bootcamps Offering Scholarships For Women

Why We Need More Women In Computing (by the Anita Borg Institute)

The Top 50 Most Influential Women in IoT