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SWOVA programs follow children and youth throughout their development.  Exposure to messages that build upon one another from elementary through to high school means consistent messaging and practice of skills to build healthy relationships. 


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Committed to fostering respect, courage, diversity, connection and innovation.


SWOVA has worked for more than two decades to address violence in all forms. Founded as a ‘wake-up call’ for action against gender-based violence, SWOVA has become a champion of information on individual rights and protection and has developed education programs and awareness initiatives to address discrimination and violence based on gender, race, sexual orientation, age and ability.


SWOVA’s youth programs encourage young people to challenge assumptions and learn skills that foster healthy, equal relationships. SWOVA believes that all human beings should be free to develop their personal abilities and make choices without the limitations set by stereotypes, rigid gender roles and prejudices.


We envision inclusive and gender-equitable communities living violence-free.

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We are committed to fostering inclusive, gender-equitable and violence-free communities. Learn more! 


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To treat each other with consideration and dignity, fostering self-respect and respect for others.


To speak, act, and advocate for what is right, working for social justice and persevering against social injustice.


To include different voices and perspectives with an understanding and appreciation for all.


To seek opportunities for collaboration and effective partnerships that foster caring and belonging in communities.


To be flexible and responsive in addressing the unique and changing needs of the communities we serve.

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Participants in 2018-19

"When visitors ask us ‘what makes your school so peaceful by nature?’ the youth often tell us that the R+R program has made a big difference in their ability to live and work respectfully with one another in our island and in our school.”


Kelda LoganVice Principal, Gulf Islands Secondary School

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