In May 2019, Ms. Kiran Dhingra, Executive Director of SWOVA, who had been on parental leave for the previous seven months, decided not to return to her work with SWOVA, and she has resigned her position.
The members of the Board are very appreciative of Kiran’s hard work over the past three years and wish her and her family the very best. Kiran’s leadership through a time of transition has left the agency able to look toward its future. Thank you to Kiran for her commitment to and caring of this organization.
The Board is pleased to announce that Janine Fernandes-Hayden, Acting E.D., has agreed to accept the position of Executive Director of SWOVA. We, the Board, believe the agency is very fortunate to have someone of Janine’s ability and vision ready and willing to lead SWOVA into the future. Please join us in welcoming Janine Fernandes-Hayden as our new Executive Director.