by Lynda Laushway, Executive Director of SWOVA

It’s a sunny afternoon in a beautiful garden. People are milling about or sitting and chatting.  There are lovely canapes and sweet treats along with fruit punch being served. Neighbours and more distant friends keep arriving. One woman plays a keyboard and a small group are singing beautifully.  The setting is perfect for a relaxing afternoon.  Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and we all know that we are all here with an additional purpose.

Young women with a lovely ease stand up to speak to the gathered group about their experience in SWOVA’s Pass It On Program or in the Salish Seas Girl’s Leadership Program.  They talk about the acceptance and support that they receive through their program meetings and how it has built their confidence to go out into the world and make a difference. We are touched by their honesty, their hope and feel inspired by their courage.

People not only hear or read about the programs offered by SWOVA, they experience the living results of investing in our youth.  ‘The ask’ follows and people do get out their cheque books and give generously from their hearts.  We also hear feedback from the group that they did not know about the scope of the work at SWOVA and they have been moved by it.

This is grassroots community building and support at its best- one party at a time. If you are interested in hosting a party at your house please let us know.

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