I literally read this book over 48 hours. “A Walk Across the Sun”, by Corban Addison, is a compelling novel following two young South Asian girls who are betrayed by people that they trusted and sold into slavery, after losing their family in the 2000 Tsunami.  Reading this allowed me to connect on a deeper level to the personal and tragic consequences of world-wide trafficking and sex slavery.  Addison, the author, has a great gift for writing and his background as an American social justice lawyer gives him particular insight.

In fact, trafficking affects almost every country in the world. Forced prostitution and slavery involves millions of women, men and children, and generates over $30 billion per year in profits. While, this is not light summer reading, it is engaging, with important information for anyone interested in developing a deeper understanding of the dynamics of this predatory and secretive global industry.

At the end of the book Addison includes some important educational links:

Shared Hope International at www.sharedhope.org

Fondation Scelles at www.fondationscelles.org



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