These days there are a wealth of online resources that compliment and inform the work we do here in the Gulf Islands with the Respectful Relationships (R+R )Program. At each grade level we have the opportunity to work with youth as separate gender groups to discuss stereotypes, healthy relationships and what youth feel makes both men and women powerful. We articulate the development of critical thinking skills as it relates to gender, race and sexual orientation.

As a youth violence prevention educator, I love watching TED videos as a source of inspiration, knowing how many other incredible agencies, organizations and individuals have committed themselves to peace in our world through education and social justice work.  Tony Porter, with grace and deep heart, talks about the notion of a “Man Box” that has historically impacted masculinity as well as a culture that condones violence against women and girls. I appreciate the clarity and honesty he brings to the talk.  It’s a great video that we‘ll bring into the classroom in the coming months.  Give it a watch and pass it on!


By Christina Antonick, R+R Adult Facilitator

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