We thought if we were going to enter the 21st century, we would go all out!  We are making our Respectful Relationships (R+R) Facilitator training program more accessible using online tools.  This is an exciting new path for us, utilizing E-learning.  Soon, when someone from the Queen Charlotte Islands makes contact with SWOVA and asks how they can be trained to be a Respectful Relationships facilitator, we will have a viable option for them.

  • An alternative way for community and or school based trainers to learn how to facilitate the program in their communities, which may allow groups to begin the training when it works for them, not around the availability of our trainers.
  • We’ll provide a structured learning experience that incorporates more reflection time and opportunities to practice and get feedback, which is critical for this type of personal development.
  • We can give a platform for people to connect across communities and share ideas and best practices.  This can help facilitators with challenges that they are having or provide opportunities for them to incorporate new techniques.  Building a community of trainers will help increase the potential for long term culture change.
  • We’ll also be able to capture the expertise of our current trainers.  One of the challenges of delivering training is that all the magic rests in the hands of the trainer.  By incorporating online learning or e-learning, we have an opportunity to capture the knowledge and style to emulate or just document/record.

The new training program will be pilot-tested this fall and should be ready for wider use early in the New Year.  Stay tuned!

Lynda Laushway – SWOVA Executive Director

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