I was shocked when I heard that retail giant Wal-Mart is launching a new line of cosmetics for 8- 12 year-olds.  The array of around 70 cosmetic products called Geogirl, contain an anti-aging component.  Marketed as all-natural, the cosmetic line is for girls who want real cosmetics, but with natural ingredients – a beauty line for tweens.

Canadian filmmaker, Sophie Bissonette, has created a powerful documentary called Sexy Inc.-Our Children Under the Influence. In it Bissonette analyzes the hypersexualization of our children and youth through marketing and advertising and the toxic effects that this has on our young.

Marketers are going after younger and younger audiences, and in some cases eroticizing children. This is a scary phenomenon and raises the question- When are girls allowed to be children?

Lynda Laushway – SWOVA Executive Director


Retailer launches beauty line aimed at 8-year-olds – Fashion, Life & Style – The Independent


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