Gender Based Violence as Exemplified by Tugce Albayrak – by Kevin Vowles

  There’s a lot of big stuff going on right now, that as my colleague at the Canadian Women’s Foundation, Diane Hill, noted recently are watershed moments.  From Jian Ghomeshi and our MPs, to conversations about what consent really means, reporting violations, and an overall renewed enthusiasm for discussion of gender based violence as a… Read more »

Nominate an Emerging Changemaker for International Women’s Day

Since 1911, International Women’s Day (IWD) has been an opportunity to recognise exceptional achievements of women.  To celebrate IWD this year SWOVA will be honouring Emerging Leaders – young women who are already making exceptional contributions to life in the Southern Gulf Islands. We are seeking nominations from the community of girls and young women… Read more »

Sexual Harassment and Assault Continue in the News – by Lynda Laushway

  We ended 2014 reeling from the allegations of violent sexual assaults and drugging victims against Jian Gomeshi and Bill Cosby, sexual improprieties on Parliament Hill and sexually violent threats by Dalhousie University dental students. We had a break over the seasonal holidays and now we are starting 2015 with more news of the suspension… Read more »

Twenty-five Years Later- Remembering the Montreal Massacre on December 6th – by Lynda Laushway

Twenty-five years ago on December 6th, a 25-year-old man walked into École Polytechnique, an engineering school in Montreal Quebec, carrying a Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic rifle and a hunting knife. He walked into a classroom on the second floor, and asked that the men and women separate to different sides of the room. He then asked… Read more »

Talking About Violence Against Women Is Out In The Open – by Kevin Vowles

        As a violence prevention educator I spend each and every day I work, which includes many evenings and weekends studying, attempting to dissect the roots of violence.  The case of Jian Ghomeshi has given me much pause for reflection and contemplation.  In a way his alleged violent actions have affirmed much… Read more »

SWOVA’s Respectful Relationships are Inclusive for All – by Sharyn Carroll

The question is – how do we talk about the prevalence of violence against women in our communities without blaming and shaming the boys and young men in the room? Just the other day I was approached by a member of our community who felt strongly that boys are being blamed for the violence that… Read more »