Why Focus on Gender-based Violence? by Lynda Laushway

There is a lot of violence in our world and it takes many forms- men’s violence towards other men, violence perpetrated on children, violence directed at seniors, violence against lesbian, gay and transgendered people, and violence against women, to name some of the more prevalent forms. The motivations for violence are many and complex and… Read more »

June 16th, 1976: Reflections on South African Youth Day

  “They are a generation whose whole education has been under the diabolical design of the racists to poison the minds and brainwash our children into docile subjects of apartheid rule.” -Nelson Mandela   Thirty-nine years ago and yesterday, South African youth led an uprising against the apartheid regime. The image of twelve-year-old Hector Pieterson… Read more »

SparkFest – Sparkling Inspiration

Sparkfest is the annual SWOVA fundraiser that the youth from Pass It On organize. This year on April 30, they really outdid themselves: Music by Ashleigh Ball from Hey Ocean, Tara Maclean & Suzanne Little, spoken word from Morgan Klassen, and the GISS imrov team. Not only did the Pass It On youth organise the… Read more »

Nurture Commitment – By Kate Nash

As the last months of Pass it On pass by, I am confronted with the word commitment. We all practice commitment in our lives, more often unconsciously.  We are the most committed to our lovers, children, friends and habits, following through in our support without thought or question. Pass it on is a program that… Read more »

Be Inspired! Sparkle at Sparkfest

  Good News! Sparkfest is weeks away, and we are all getting very excited for our 5th annual Pass It On benefit. Sparkfest will be held on April 30th at the Harbour House Hotel.       This year’s generous performers are Ashleigh Ball from Hey Ocean; the Brony documentary; Tara Maclean;  Suzanne Little; spoken… Read more »