Why is everyone talking about Consent? By Sharyn Carroll

From high profile cases in the media to Canadian students and faculty calling for change across college and university campuses, the term “Consent” is being put under a microscope. Our understanding of this word raises communication to a whole new level in a fast paced digital world where dialogue can be as quick as a… Read more »

SWOVA Focuses on Consent and Sexual Assault

Statistics tell us that one in three women and one in six men will experience some form of sexual violence in their lifetime, while less than one in ten assaults are reported to the authorities. Most sexual assaults happen by someone the victim knows. (Stats Can 2004) For the next three years SWOVA Community Development… Read more »

Respectful Relationships National Grantee Meeting in Calgary by Christina Antonick

  “Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky.” – Sonia Gandhi- In early October, I was blessed to travel to Calgary for a national meeting of Canadian Women’s Foundation’s 17 Teen Healthy Relationships Grantees – of which our Respectful Relationships is one. CWF are working… Read more »

Australian’s research on best-practice respectful relationships programs includes SWOVA – by Ellen Poyner

I’m an Australian Social Worker, who had the privilege of visiting SWOVA as part of my Churchill Fellowship – a scholarship supporting me to travel to Canada and the USA to investigate Family Violence and Sexual Assault prevention programs, approaches and evaluations. As I travel around, my intention is to learn about unique and promising… Read more »

Why Focus on Gender-based Violence? by Lynda Laushway

There is a lot of violence in our world and it takes many forms- men’s violence towards other men, violence perpetrated on children, violence directed at seniors, violence against lesbian, gay and transgendered people, and violence against women, to name some of the more prevalent forms. The motivations for violence are many and complex and… Read more »